Software Solutions

We focus in providing the solution that best fits customer's requirements, whether it's a local or international enterprise scenario. We thoroughly understand the keen view of industry trends with the in-depth professional experience of system development. We are highly committed to providing qualitative, innovative and reliable solution because we believe that quality control starts from the design stage.

With a promising professional testing methodology we also contribute lot to the product maturity and enhancement. We have established a set of professional testing procedures for our products because we realize that the quality control should be treated as a sole of the total quality management. Therefore we have established a Technical Support Department which is the major testing facility of our Solutions. The four major functions TS department provides within the organization are: -

  1. Product Analysis
  2. Design and Development
  3. Testing
  4. Post-Sales Customer Support

Technical Support department assures customer satisfaction which is actually our goal and it also to reaffirms quality control checks to ultimately guarantee product reliability. In addition to acting as the window for customer service, our TS department also provides after-sales support and services. We aspire to be the leading system integrator in the field of Software Architecture, Software designing, E-Business solutions/E-Commerce, Client Server based development etc. Our information system development supports nearly all sorts of business areas like Accounting, Production control Systems, Taxation, Inventory Management, HR & Payroll, Import & Export documentation etc. with the assurance in providing an interactive, intelligent and secure data management.

We understand the on going trend of web development therefore we are keen to offer services covering all web-related business needs including web applications development and modernization, customization of open-source solutions, web services building, system integration for: Online Marketplaces and Auctions, Communities and Networks, Media Streaming, E-shops or Web Portals and Online auction software etc. Our Software engineering team makes sure that the online website should be scalable and stable that can be integrated with payment systems, e-shop customer management, shipment management, and complex product line management. Our dynamic website design and layout will give a competitive advantage that will create the difference between the success and failure of an eBusiness.

We understand how frustrating glitches in the system can get, therefore we aim at smoothing out any rough edges, paving the way for unhindered communications

Software Development

  1. ERP
  2. MRP
  3. CRM
  4. HRM

Software Solutions strives to provide you custom software solutions that will help you to remain in step with your competition by continuously improving your information technology-based business solutions. Applications are the lifeblood of any enterprise, supporting every aspect of how business is planned, managed and executed.

As enterprises face the need to rapidly respond to customer requirements and competitive issues, these applications come under increasing pressure to support the business, do more for less, and deliver business value. Increasingly complex and integrated application portfolios, high maintenance costs, and scarce applications support skills can significantly distract attention from your core business and competitive issues

We have wide-ranging experience across various industries and utilizes a wide variety of technologies. We also have a good understanding of industry trends and practices along with hands-on experience in addressing specific management and technical problems. Leading computer software consulting company, catering to a wide spectrum of information systems.

  1. Developed more than 15 applications of different industries.
  2. Combined more than 400 man years of relevant IT experience.
  3. Harnessed the power of the latest state of the art systems and software.
  4. Provide cutting edge products & services totally customized to individual requirements.